PSC/MIN/Comm.(XII) Page 1 COMMUNIQUÉ OF THE TWELFTH MEETING OF THE PEACE AND SECURITY COUNCIL The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), meeting in its twelfth meeting, at ministerial level, on 4 July 2004, adopted the following communiqué: A. ON THE CRISIS IN THE DARFUR REGION OF THE SUDAN: Council, 1. Reiterates its serious concern over the prevailing situation in Darfur Region of the Sudan, particularly the humanitarian crisis and the continued reports of violations of human rights committed by the Janjaweed, and r in Darfur; Commends the Chairperson’s timely visit to Darfur, as part of the efforts to address the prevailing humanitarian situation and to speed up the search for a lasting solution to the crisis; 2. Notes that, even though the crisis in Darfur is grave, with the attendant loss of lives, human suffering and destructions of homes and infrastructure, the situation cannot be defined as a genocide. Council further notes that the crisis should be addressed with urgency to avoid further escalation; 3. Welcomesmeasures taken(GoS) to agenciesunrestricted welcomes the commitment made the GoS to neutralize and urgesGoSall 4. the , to fulfil the commitments made in the and to refrain from any further actions that could constitute violations of the letter and spirit of all the Agreements signed so far 5. Further urges the Sudanese authorities to assess the extent of the destruction related to the conflict in Darfur and to consider the ways and means of compensating the affected populations; 6. Stresses that the African Union should continue to lead the efforts to address the crisis in Darfur and that the International Community should continue to support these efforts; Commends President Deby of Chad for his mediation efforts, undertaken with the support of the AU Commission and other partners. Council calls on all concerned to vigorously pursue their efforts; Welcomes the decision of the Chairperson of the Commission to appoint, as his Special Envoy for Darfur, Mr. Hamid El Gabid, and encourages him to pursue his efforts aimed at ending the conflict in Darfur; 7. Welcomes the establishment of the Ceasefire Commission (CFC) in El Fashir, as of 9 June 2004, and the partialdeployment of the AU Military Observers in the Darfur Region, and Commission to expedite the process, including the deployment of

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