Assembly of the Union The Assembly of the African Union (AUA) is the highest organ of the Union. Its membership consists of the heads or state or government of all the member states of the Union. Under the predecessor of the African Union, the Organisation of African Unity, this organ was called the Assembly of Heads of State and Government (AHG). AUA

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Peace and Security Council of the African Union

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union is the primary organ charged with the maintenance of peace and security on the African continent. Being among the first organs to have been created soon after the transformation of the Organisation of African Unity into the African Union, it represents the African Union's driving mission to advance African solutions to African problems by discarding the OAU policy of non-interference for the AU policy of non-indifference.

The AU PSC meets fortnightly at the level of AU member state ambassadors (Permanent Representative Committee), and occasionally at the level of foreign ministers and heads of state and government. The AU PSC, among others, manages the African Union peace keeping missions.

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