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We, the Heads of State and Government of the African Union, meeting at our
Extraordinary Session, held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 12 October 2013:
Recognizing the magnitude and impact of migration on development and over the
growing number of migrants in Africa and beyond, and the brain drain syndrome that is
increasingly becoming a global scourge affecting all countries around the world,
especially in Africa;
Gravely concerned with the serious economic and social impact of the recurrence of
the phenomenon of illegal or irregular migration currently taking alarming proportions
that threaten peace, security and stability which should be adequately addressed
through a comprehensive approach to effective border management and within the
context of strict observance of human rights and human dignity;
Recalling the Assembly Decision Assembly/AU/Dec.125 (VII) adopted at the Banjul
Summit in July 2006 on the African Common Position on Migration and Development;
Underscoring that African inter-state collaboration and discourse can strengthen the
capacity of States in migration management, including the development of common
approaches towards harmonization of policies, laws and strategies on migration;

DEEPLY REGRET the loss of life of over 300 migrants that occurred on 3 rd
October 2013 in a boat accident in Lampedusa Island and EXPRESS our
sincere condolences and deep sympathy to the families of the victims of this


COMMIT itself to addressing the root causes of this phenomena of irregular
migration from Africa to Europe;


REQUEST the Commission to investigate the root causes of migration of
young people from Africa so as to recommend appropriate action to be taken
by Member States with a view to finding a lasting solution to this persistent


URGE Member States, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and
other stakeholders to take active part in the implementation of Common
Position on Migration and Development and promote appropriate policies
towards lasting peace, stability, democratic governance, sustainable growth,
youth employment opportunities and greater regional integration;


APPEAL to the International Community to continue to collaborate and
increase their involvement in addressing migration and development issues
for the attainment of the objectives contained in the African Common Position
on Migration and Development;

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