PSC/PR/Comm. (VI) Page 1 COMMUNIQUÉ OF THE SIXTH SESSION OF THE PEACE AND SECURITY COUNCIL The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), meeting in its sixth session, on 29 April 2004, adopted the following communiqué: A. ON THE SITUATION IN SOMALIA The Peace and Security Council: 1. Calls upon the Somali leaders to demonstrate increased commitment to enable the early and successful conclusion of the Somalia National Reconciliation Conference at Mbagathi, Kenya. Council stresses the fact that Africa and the international community at large would not understand that the ongoing efforts to reach an inclusive solution be yet thwarted by the lack of cooperation of some leaders and factions; 2. Welcomes the decision of the IGAD Facilitation Committee to proceed to Phase III of the Reconciliation Conference at Mbagathi and, for that purpose, to convene a Ministerial Meeting. In this respect, Council urges all members of the Facilitation Committee to participate in that Meeting at the appropriate ministerial level; 3. Encourages the IGAD countries to display the level of cohesion required to facilitate the conclusion of the Reconciliation Conference; 4. Urges the international community to continue to provide the financial resources needed to ensure the early and successful conclusion of the Reconciliation Conference; 5. Reiterates the need for all AU Member States, in particular the countries of the region, and the other neighboring countries, to scrupulously adhere to the UN Security Council resolutions on the arms embargo on Somalia and urges them to extend full cooperation to the UN Monitoring Group. In this respect, Council requests the Commission, in consultation with IGAD and its Member States, to take all actions deemed appropriate to enhance the implementation of the arms embargo;

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