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Welcoming the various initiatives concerning the implementation of the resolutions and
recommendations of the two phases of the World Summit on Information Society as well
as the international partnerships, including in particular the Connect Africa Initiative,
launched in Kigali, Rwanda during the Connect Africa Summit held from 29 to 30
October 2007, the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa, NEPAD, the Africa-EU
Partnership for Science, Information Society and Space, the African Information Society
Initiative of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the Global Digital
Solidarity Fund;
Recalling the Decision of the Executive Council which adopted the Oliver Tambo
Declaration to establish a mechanism to accelerate and monitor the implementation of
the African Regional Action Plan on the Knowledge Economy (ARAPKE), the Reference
Framework for Harmonization of Policies and Regulations on Telecommunications and
ICTs in Africa, the Strategies and Action Plans for the Development of Postal Sector in
Declaring the ICT sector as a sector of top priority in our development programs and
therefore encouraging Member States and development partners to consider
telecommunications and ICT infrastructure and services, as a basic public utility


INTENSIFY the activities to implement the Reference Framework for
Harmonisation of Telecommunication and ICT Policies and Regulations in
Africa, the action for the development of postal sector as well as the African
Regional Action Plan on the Knowledge Economy;


STRENGTHEN national programmes and regional cooperation for the
development and interconnection of broadband infrastructures, the
deployment of Regional Internet Exchange Points, and the improvement of
rural area connectivity based on the principles of technological neutrality,
non discrimination and open access, in support of the PIDA and through the
use of synergies with the transport and energy sectors;


ACCORD, in our Telecommunications/ICT development policies and
strategies, particular attention to the postal sector, a vital vehicle for

Adopted by the Fourteenth Ordinary Session of the Assembly in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 2 February 2010

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