Communiqué of the Peace and Security Council
The Peace and Security Council meeting in its seventh session, in Cape
Town, South Africa, on 3 May 2004, to review the mandate of the African Mission
in Burundi;

Recalling its decision of 25 March 2004, which inter alia, renewed
the mandate of AMIB for a period of one month, from 2 April to 2
May 2004;


Reiterates its call to the United Nations Security Council to urgently
authorize the deployment of a Peace Keeping Operation in Burundi
to take over from the African Mission in Burundi (AMIB) as
recommended by the UN Secretary General in his report of 16
March 2004;


Decides to extend the mandate of AMIB for such a period as may
be required, for the deployment of the UN Peace Keeping
Operation in Burundi but not exceeding two (2) months.


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