PSC/PR/Comm.(XIII) Page 2 6. Encourages the Chairperson of the Commission and his Special Envoy for Darfur, Hamid El Gabid, to actively pursue their consultations with the parties to expedite the resumption and successful convening of the political dialogue. In this respect, Council urges the parties to agree, as soon as possible, on a general framework for the pursuit of the dialogue, including the agenda of the discussions and their venue; 7. Appeals to all Member States to fully back the ongoing efforts and, in this respect, welcomes the efforts of the Chairman of the AU, President Olusegun Obasanjo, in support of the search for a lasting solution to the conflict in Darfur; 8. Takes note of the progress made in the deployment of the military observers and the steps taken towards the deployment of the Protection Force, provided for by the Agreement of 28 May 2004 on the Establishment of the CFC and the Deployment of Military Observers, and whose mandate, as per the understanding reached during the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Assembly, includes the protection, within the capacity of the Force, of the civilian population. Council welcomes the decision by Nigeria and Rwanda to contribute troops for the Protection Force; 9. Requests the Chairperson of the Commission to prepare and submit to it, for consideration, a comprehensive plan on how best to enhance the effectiveness of the AU Mission on the ground, including the possibility of transforming the said Mission into a full-fledged peacekeeping mission, with the requisite mandate and size, to ensure the effective implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement, with particular emphasis on the disarmament and the neutralization of the Janjaweed militia, the protection of the civilian population and the facilitation of the delivery of the humanitarian assistance; 10. Calls upon the international community at large, including AU Member States that are in a position to do so, to provide the much-needed humanitarian assistance to the civilian population affected by the crisis. Council further encourages African humanitarian NGOs to contribute to the ongoing efforts and requests the Commission to extend full support to them; 11. Requests the Commission to submit to it a comprehensive assessment of the situation in Darfur, including the steps taken to disarm and neutralize the Janjaweed militia, to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance, to bring to justice the perpetrators of human rights violations, as well as the violations of the ceasefire and the status of the political dialogue; 12. Decides to remain seized of the matter and requests the Commission to report regularly on the situation, including the simultaneous efforts to be deployed to find a lasting solution to the conflict.

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