AHG/Res. 95 (XV) COMMENDATION The Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the OAU, meeting in its Fifteenth Ordinary Session in Khartoum, Democratic Republic of the Sudan, from 18 to 22 July 1978. Commending the positive results achieved through the concerted action of Member States, in the context of the liberation of the continent and of the promotion of intra-African co-operation for the period 1974 – 1978, Considering the particularly constructive and effective role played by Mr. William ETEKI MBOUMOUA at the service of the Organization of African Unity during his tenure of office, Considering the courage and dedication with which he directed the Administrative General Secretariat of the Organization at a time Africa was going through the most crucial phase of its history, Having in mind the exceptional intellectual and moral qualities of Mr. William ETEKI MBOUMOUA, qualities which made him an excellent diplomat and a convinced militant of the African cause, more particularly, of its unity, dignity and development: 1. EXPRESSES its deep appreciation for the work done by Mr. William ETEKI MBOUMOUA in his capacity as the Administrative Secretary-General of the OAU for the period 1974-1978.

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